I Think I love It?

Today’s sewing experiment (forgive the chaos of the storage area behind me, it’s a work in progress). I’ve done two infinity scarves previously — one of them had the same fabric on both sides. The other had the unicorn / dragon pattern, and then a crown pattern in the same blue background, so there was a difference, but it was a subtle difference.

Here, I wanted to try something more dramatic. I’m still learning about pattern collections, but it seems like people often want coordinating color patterns that are notably different. I wasn’t confident this would work, but I thought I’d try my “Plaid-ish” pattern with the unicorn/dragon pattern in a single scarf.

I think I love it? It’s bold, and I’m not sure what I’d wear it with — maybe a white sheath dress, so the scarf could shine?

I won’t actually keep it, because there are only so many infinity scarves I need to own. 🙂 So it’ll likely show up in a flash sale at some point (and if you’re dying to own it, please do let me know, because I’m not likely to sew another).

Fun experimenting. Nice when it turns out well. 🙂

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