Fancy Dinner in Christmas PJs

Kavi thought it was sort of funny that we set the table fancy, but stayed in our Christmas PJs, but that feels sort of emblematic of this year, doesn’t it, with all the Zoom meetings in your pajama bottoms…? I’m glad we pulled out the fancy stuff, esp. the glasses; I bought a set of 12 of them last year on sale after Christmas, expecting to use them for a holiday meal at some point, and then they’ve just been sitting sad and unused in the cupboard ever since. At least four of them got to fulfill their purpose last night.

Kevin made dinner last night — roast lamb, roast carrots (not pictured), supplemented with Christmas eve leftovers of stuffing, green beans, roast potatoes. I had my lamb with mint sauce, which I really love and generally only have at Christmas, for no good reason, and it was delicious. Finished with a chocolate silk pie, courtesy the grocery store. 🙂

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