Merry Lights from Serendib House

I didn’t get up ALL the lights I wanted to this year (got too busy, alas), but it’s still at least twice as many lights as we’ve put up in any other year. I am learning the ways of extension cords and splitters. I was going for a starry woodland sort of theme. I like the little path of star lights from the little library (though I didn’t get around to lighting the library itself up, alas). I like the outlining of the trellis with the deer beyond it. I’d have had more lighted deer, but they were in very short supply this year — needed to get them early! I *love* the two Moravian stars, new this year.

I’m still waffling about whether I’m okay with having two different colors of lights — I kind of think I should either stick to the warm white lights (trading out the cool white icicles), OR add in more colors, maybe some blue lights too. Also, we need more stuff going up on top, somehow. It’s all a little bottom-heavy at the moment. Looking at it, there’s like five things I want to change, but it’s okay, it’s okay. It’ll be better next year.

Merry lights from Serendib House. 🙂 Sleep well, my peeps, and for those of you celebrating Christmas with small children, I hope they don’t wake you up TOO early.

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