My Favorite Iteration of Starry Woods

Time it took hanging out on the phone to get my ADD meds prescription refilled (it’s a controlled substance, so I have to call the doctor’s office and have them call it in and it’s a whole foofaraw, but anyway) — two tea towels’ sewings’ worth.

I think this is my favorite iteration of the “Starry Woods” tea towels so far — the Sarah Williams quote with the elvish-looking script feels very apropos to the tree & stars print, nicely marrying the fantasy and SF sides of my brain, and I’m going to pair it in my kitchen with the silver smaller-scale trees print.

I usually take down the Christmas decor on Epiphany, or at least all the red bits, though I often leave the lights up for a while longer. These seem like good wintry New Year tea towels. 🙂

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” — Sarah Williams, “The Old Astronomer”

Tea towels now available for purchase on Spoonflower, or through me, once Stephanie Bailey has a chance to add them on our site. 🙂

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