More Light, Life, and Color

Our basement is a work in progress, ten years in — it’s mostly unfinished, except we do have heat down there, and we painted the floors. I spend a fair bit of time down there, because the sewing stuff is there, and the Serendib House supplies and books, and the workout gear, so I’d like it to be nice to be in, but the ceiling needs to be sealed, more of the sealed shut windows need to be made operable, there’s an ongoing list of tasks that will probably only be completed right before we move out.

Every few years we have our windows cleaned, and it’s always lovely and also rather expensive, so when the guys came this year, they asked if I wanted the basement windows done too, and I was feeling sticker shock, so I said no, and of course, I immediately regretted it once they left, because everything else was lovely and the basement windows were so grubby.

But I’d said no because I’m really perfectly capable of cleaning them myself, not having to get up on a super-tall ladder or anything, and I’ve been meaning to do it for weeks, but today, in honor of the solstice, even though I have a deadline and should be writing, I took 15 minutes to clean a window. (Had to go over it twice, inside and out, because it was really grubby.)

Also moved over a couple random bulbs that started up on their own out of season, and my spools of thread and bobbins. Better. I still need to clean up the veggie garden right outside out, but that’s scheduled for tomorrow, which should be a nice warm-ish day.

More light, life, and color, people. I’m in favor.

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