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I stayed up kind of late last night, and didn’t wake up ’til 10 (which is super-late for me), so I may try to do one more stint of writing tonight, we’ll see. But reasonably happy with progress so far, so that’s good.

And hey, I don’t think I showed y’all this — it’s the little set of dragon cards that Kavi and I drew for the Patreon boxes, with reading / knitting themes. Cute, huh? She did two of them, I did three of them; we kept the same color palette throughout, which is easy to do in Procreate. Fun.

I definitely don’t have a clear drawing style of my own yet — keep experimenting with different things, and lots of looking at other artists’ work for inspiration. But that’s fine, I think — even though I have a pretty established writing style after 25+ years, I still play around with other styles sometimes, like what I’m doing for this story. 🙂


“I say – you’ll do yourself an injury if you keep on like that.”

Maybe sympathy wasn’t the right approach, and she needed a bit of the old martial tone. “Now, pull yourself together, young lady, and tell me exactly what is the matter.”

That seemed to be the ticket, because with one last gasping sob, Maire stopped her waterworks, like turning off a tap. She rubbed away the tears with a cotton sleeve, and blew her nose with my tissues, stuffing them in a pocket afterwards – thankfully, she didn’t try to give them back to me, that was the problem with the fabric handkerchiefs of yore, thank goodness we live in more modern times – blinking up at me through dew-lashed eyes.


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