A Little Door Decor

Took 15 minutes to put together a little front door decor. I admit, I’m having a little trouble motivating to do holiday decor this year, with no party to host, but at least we can get the outdoor dressed up a little, and hopefully it’ll cheer up the mail carriers at least! The hanging planter is from Gardener’s Supply — I really like changing it out seasonally. In the spring, I’ll plant little mini daffodils, etc. in there.

I use a mix of metal (jingle bells), dried decor (the artichoke pods and dried pomegranate were from Trader Joe’s, I think, which have held very nicely over a year in storage), faux decor (berries, a big sprig of silvered greenery that I used wire cutters to snip into six pieces, three glittery peach ornaments).

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