A Badly-Needed Rest Day

So far today, I’ve been alternating reading the last “Fall of Ile-Rien” Martha Wells novel and watching The Expanse season 5, while occasionally doing little bits of household stuff, like watering neglected plants. I should get laundry going too — it’s been a while.

Moving very slowly, mostly counting it a badly-needed rest day, though I do hope to gather enough energy to run a few things to the post office and pick up more spices from Pete’s, so I can make more curry powder tonight for cookbook gift orders. Making curry powder is v. low effort, thankfully. Much slow stirring while watching TV or listening to a podcast or audiobook.

I’m ALMOST done with the Patreon treat boxes — I just need to finish decorating the lemon dragon cookies and sew some dish towels and scarves, but I’m waiting on Spoonflower shipping for the scarves, which has been delayed. If it’s not here by tomorrow, though, I’m going to contact the recipients and see if they’d like to substitute in something I have on hand, because I really do want to get these out the door.

Also need to prep and deliver the Oak Park Mutual Aid benefit sale items; like to get those out the door by tomorrow if possible.

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