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Ice dragon soaps, scent sweet orange & naioli (I wanted a clean, citrus scent for these), two ways.

First, I made bar soaps — I did a light grey-blue and a deeper blue, thinking about ice over water. I poured the light grey-blue into the bar mold first, let it cool a little, and then added in color to what was left in my Pyrex measuring cup, and poured that deeper blue into the mold. I didn’t try to swirl them, because I wanted two distinct colors, but if a little bit broke through and swirled on its own, that’d also be fine. (Melt-and-pour doesn’t swirl as effectively as cold process, but if you use a thermometer, you can get some not-so-controlled swirling.)

I let those set, unmolded, and cut them into bar soaps. Nice! But wait, there’s more.

I took a few of those and sliced them into shards of icy water. Then I dropped those into these crystal molds, filled with a new, lighter color of soap (mica color: “Winter”), and let those set. I love how they came out — these really look like the crystalline icy lands an ice dragon would choose to nest in. 🙂 Fun experiment!

For the Patreon upper tier dragon-themed treat packages. 🙂

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