The Bloody Eagle

Wild Cards story “The Bloody Eagle” second draft DONE, and ON TIME, clocking in at 12,500 words, off to George. I think it’s in pretty good shape; hopefully he’ll agree and consider it done. This is a Sri Lankan guerrilla fighter story, though it’s not the LTTE, since we’re in an alternate timeline. I was working with some of what happened with the JVP, actually, although the JVP also didn’t end up forming the same way in the Wild Cards timeline. This will mean nothing to most of you, but the Sri Lankans might be interested. Of course, it’s not all fighting in the jungle. There are also bossy aunts who want you to get married.


The days passed, and party preparations continued like clockwork, every obstacle smashed by the force of Amma’s will. Finally the auspicious day arrived, and Nikisha was trussed up like a prize pig, in a choli blouse too tight, pushing her small breasts up to best display. “Chi! You have no bottom to speak of,” Amma said with disappointment. “There’s just no way to get the proper shape to the sari.”

“It’s all right, it’s all right,” her sister Saila said, as she jammed more and more gold bangles up Nikisha’s arms. “She’s such a pretty girl, no one will notice. She has your eyes, you know – the eyes that captured a doctor! Our little Niki will do just fine!”


(Spoiler: Niki will *not* be just fine.)

Returning to another Wild Cards story draft is next in the deadline queue, with a COMPLETELY different flavor to it. Think P.G. Wodehouse, and a female Indian Wooster. Hopefully will be rollicking fun, but first, we take a day or two to REST.

I’m tired. Are you tired? I think everyone is tired.

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