An Inch Shorter, an Inch Taller

Kavi terraformed Mars with me and Uncle Jed (while chatting with him on FB Portal). I think we’ve talked Kevin’s parents into letting us get a Portal for them at Christmas, and I’m tentatively planning on weekly grandparent hangs on Sunday afternoons. Can’t think of a better Christmas present for them during a pandemic year when they don’t get to see these grandkids at all in person.

(Side note: they are in their characteristic colors here: Anand is still all about the brights, and Kavi has been solidly in neutrals for a few years now. I kind of miss the sparkly bling of 5th grade, alas.)

Kavi’s getting better at the game, though a little annoyed that she hasn’t won any of our digital games yet; she did better playing on the actual board, for some reason. But she’ll get there — there’s a lot to keep track of at once in that game, and it helps once you really are familiar with all the cards, and don’t have to re-read and think about what they do.

Anand ended up sitting on her for a bit there because she gestured to him to come sit next to her, and he misunderstood. That didn’t last long, as he is not a little boy any more. Maybe an inch shorter than me? And she’s an inch taller than me now. Eep.

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