If you’re using embossed rollers for your cookies, sometimes the pattern can show up pretty subtly. I like to highlight them with edible gold or silver, and in the past, I’ve used edible dust mixed with a bit of vodka for that. But this is even easier — I’m really loving these Chefmaster Glitter Glaze premixed tubes with brushes.

I have pretty unsteady hands (a real challenge with decorating cookies), and even so, I’m generally reasonably happy with my results here. And if you’re the sort of person who can do fancy nail art on yourself, you should be able to get fabulous results with these — they brush on just like nail polish.

$18 for a set of three different colors (silver, gold, platinum) — may arrive after Christmas, but if you don’t mind that (you can always put a ‘coming soon’ note in the stocking), this would be a nice gift for the cookie baker in your home:…/dp/B07T6XDMS9/ref=sr_1_3…

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