A School Funding Question

(EDITING TO NOTE: I really am mostly looking for responses relevant to Illinois, thanks!)

Hey, here’s a school funding thing I’d like to understand better, esp. as I get ready to run for school board. I have the vague impression that the funding our schools get from the state of Illinois is dependent on days that kids are actually ‘in school’. So if a child misses 10 days of school in a year, then the school’s funding is cut proportionately. Is this accurate?

(And I’m assuming that’s not true for the property tax portion of the funding.)

I’m asking in large part because I’m seeing a LOT of stress from parents of K-3 in particular right now, and I want to tell them that if it’d be easier to take a day or two off e-learning in a week in December, that they should just do that. It will not affect their child’s ability to get into college if they spend a few extra days hanging out on devices (or with Legos, etc.) so Mama can get some peace in the run-up to the holidays.

But I’m a little worried about the financial implications for the school about giving that advice?

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