50 Signatures

Quick note that I have 50 signatures now, which is sufficient to get on the ballot for the D200 (high school) school board. I’ll continue collecting tomorrow and Saturday; I’d really like to get another 50-100 for insurance, in case of challenges. But it does seem likely that I’m going to be on the ballot now. Thanks to all who signed!

I’m planning to be working from home tomorrow, probably on the porch, since it’s not supposed to be too cold. Will have signature sheets out for me, Matt Fruth, and Madhurima Chakraborty. It’s supposed to start raining around noon, so if you’re planning to come by, you might want to come before that.

If I’m not already on the porch, please ring the doorbell; I’ll be happy to come out and witness your signature. 332 Wisconsin Ave., the blue and purple house with the little free library and a redbud tree festooned with ornaments.

You must be a resident of Oak Park or River Forest to sign. Thanks!

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