Dragon’s Blood Soap

Giant dragon egg soaps for the mid & upper tier Patreon boxes. I thought about attaching two half eggs together to make whole eggs, but they’re already pretty big, and also, it’s not so easy to attach soaps together and have them stay secured, in my experience. These are about as big as my pointed hand — these were fun to make. 🙂 I liked the swirly brown color, but felt like punching it up a bit would not go amiss, so the soaps got gilded.

I was aiming for a rather masculine scent: rosewood with notes of clove and cinnamon. Nummy.

Kavi is advocating for my making giant dragon egg hot chocolate bombs with these molds, but I’m not sure if it’s food-safe to use this kind of mold for soap and then also for food? Also, I don’t know how to make chocolate bombs yet, but I bet I could learn.

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