An Official Announcement

Hey, Oak Park & River Forest folks — so I’ve learned in the past 24 hours that there are several strong candidates for D97 that I’m going to be happy to support (more on that soon), but D200 has 4 open slots and could use candidates, so I’m going to pivot over to running for that school board. Consider this my official announcement.

I’d been willing to serve on either, and had chosen D97 mostly because my kids have already been through that system, but I think my college teaching experience will likely be even more useful for the D200 (the high school) board, so that’s all fine with me.

Next steps — I have about a week to collect 150 or so signatures, so that’s a lot of what I’m doing this coming week. It’s definitely going to be much trickier since I can’t just go to community social events the way I did last time. Tomorrow (Sunday), I’m going to be home all day, and would LOVE it if you would stop by and sign my petition, which I’ll leave out on a clipboard for safe distancing. I’m planning on keeping a running count on Facebook periodically through the day (I have 5 signatures so far. 5!), so people can tell how close I’ve come.

Then Monday – Friday, I’m happy to put a sheet out for people to sign — just message me? I may also be able to run over to you, depending on timing; since it’s finals week and my schedule is very open. (I’m hoping not to have to drive to 150 homes, but if that’s what needs to happen…)

And then next week Saturday / Sunday, if needed, will do the all day at the house again. And then it’ll be time to get the sheets notarized and turn them in. Sound good?

Once I know whether I’ve made it on the ballot, I’ll start working on a candidate statement, so people have a clear idea of where I stand on various issues, and I’ll probably host a few AMAs, so people can really ask me their questions. I’m assuming the people signing for me will be people who are already enthusiastic about my candidacy, so expect the more active campaigning (such as it is, in this strange virtual time), will wait until after the holidays.

If you have questions, though, feel free to ask. 🙂

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