Almost There

Do you want to hear me and Benjamin Rosenbaum talking to fascinating writers, editors, agents, game designers, librarians, and more?

Every week, our dulcet tones could be filling your ears. We’d be accompanying you on your commute, keeping you company as you do chores, entertaining you while you weed the garden, and helping fill insomniac hours in the middle of the night. If you wear headphones, you can even listen to us while you ‘supervise’ the children’s e-learning…

Part of why I’ve learned to love podcasts in the last few months (basically since the pandemic started — I wasn’t really a podcast person before that), is because I get an extra little productivity boost from them — look, I’m entertained, WHILE I’m working, AND the work goes faster and more pleasantly, AND I’m sometimes even learning something too. It’s just SO SATISFYING.

Also, as an extrovert, the pandemic has me pretty lonely sometimes; it’s nice to have human voices for company, especially voices that are conversational and real, as opposed to the staged entertainment of a TV show (which I also consume a lot these days). I’m lucky enough to live with people, but it’s been a lot of these same three people since March. New voices = good.

We have just 5 days left on our Kickstarter — $650 raised towards our $1500 goal, which will pay for audio and video editing costs on our first season, which we’re hoping to launch in January. That may be the fastest turnaround on a Kickstarter ever. 🙂 In just a few weeks, we could be dropping episodes for your delight and entertainment.

The bulk of Kickstarter funding tends to happen in the last few days (which is kind of nerve-racking for those of us who run Kickstarters, but so it goes) — we’re here now. It’s all or nothing — if we don’t get to $1500, we don’t get any of it.

So if you think you might want to throw a dollar or two (or more, we won’t say no) our way, please check out the Kickstarter for a trailer video and more info — and please, tell your friends. We’d love it if you could like / share / comment on this post for visibility:…/slf-podcast-mohanraj-and…

And just so you know what you’re getting, I’ve included a little clip below from an author interview — Cadwell Turnbull talks to us about aliens, about the U.S. Virgin Islands, about why the alien invasion always seems to be in New York or D.C., and why a writer might want to do something different. Cadwell is smart and thoughtful and you will enjoy listening to him. (And after that, go pick up his first novel, _The Lesson_, which is beautifully written, rich in characterization, and thought-provoking. Need a holiday gift for yourself or someone else? Recommended!)

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