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I spent an hour organizing the _Jump Space_ book, figuring out dates and such. Some parts are pretty locked down, others are more speculative, as they just have a sentence of story idea that may not coalesce into an actual story. But still, it’s interesting trying to figure out how best to put these pieces together, both as a timeline, and as a table of contents.

Table of Contents

Jump Space

Part 1
Paper Star
The Stars Change


Part 2
That She Might Fly
Among the Marithei

Thin Air 1

Part 3
Three of Hearts?

Thin Air 2

Part 4
Skin Deep?
Suburban school story?

Thin Air 3


Liminal Space (novel)


Universe Timeline (draft! I may shift the whole thing 20-40 years later, depending on various things TBD)

2060: “Jump Space”

2060: “Paper Star”

2160: The Stars Change

2061: “Communion”

2061: “That She Might Fly”

2161: “Among the Marithei”

early 2062: “Webs”

early 2062: “Thin Air”

2062: “Three of Hearts”

2062: “Plea”

2062: “Hush”

2062: “Skin Deep”

2063: “Suburban school story”

2063: “Warrior”

2063: “Mango Trees”

2063: Liminal Space (novel)

2066: YA story about starting the school for espies

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