Poor Broken Dragon

Well, that’s just frustrating. I think I have to declare myself defeated by this candle mold — I’ve spent all day working on these candles, and after 8 separate attempts, I only have one that didn’t crack in multiple places as I was trying to release it, and even that one, I’m a little suspicious of.

I’m going to pack that one off to the Patreon person who was particularly excited by a dragon candle, but I think for everyone else, I’m going to have to go with sweets instead, or a small candle tin. Frustrating.

There’s something called candle release, which might help? I spent too long researching this stuff today. But I don’t think I can get it ordered and here in time to be comfortable with holiday shipping deadlines; in order to get all the candles in the boxes, I really needed to make half a dozen each day for the next few days. Alas. Poor broken dragon.

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