End of Semester Brain

I did get some things done today. I spent several hours clearing out enough of the basement to get my sewing machine and ironing board set up properly down there again, and then sewed a few tea towels for orders. That was very satisfying.

On the minus side, I was so enmeshed in that, I completely forgot it was Wednesday and we had writing workshop tonight. Oops. Sorry, workshoppers — I plead end of semester brain. Tomorrow’s a big grading day — ALL the grading. Fun times.

I do wonder if I should offer the pumpkin curry and two cups tea towels on a matching yellow background, and the autumn logophile on the blue-purple background? I like the mix-and-match coordination for my own kitchen, esp. given Kavi’s repeating pumpkin and leaf motifs, but maybe some people would prefer a unified background?

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