Art Takes a Long Time

Oh, I’m really pleased with how this design (Starry Woods) came out. I’m not quite sure if it’s possible to make Spoonflower display the half-drop repeat, which is what I’d recommend for wallpaper, but the half-brick and the regular repeat also look fine. (In the two last photos, you see regular repeat and half-drop repeat.)

I’d totally have this on my walls, bedding, table linens. Entered in the challenge, and now I have to switch to other things for the rest of the day (art takes a long time!), but I’m going to try it in a few more color ways at some point (probably just changing the background color). I’d like to offer a slightly more muted option.

But happy. 🙂 Per usual, I have to buy a proof (and have that processed by Spoonflower) before it’s available for sale, so a week or two.

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