More Trees and Stars

So far this morning, I’ve sent in a pitch for a food essay, and did a little sketching — the next Spoonflower challenge deadline is at 2 today, and I still need more trees. And stars! Coming along, though. To my eye, this has a strong block print South Asian flavor to the style; fun. I want to try actually carving blocks again at some point — I did a printmaking class in high school which I really loved; it’s been 30+ years, but I’d like to try it again. Maybe over the break.

It’s been fun sketching with Debbie Allen’s documentary about the Hot Chocolate Nutcracker on (Netflix) — it’s a lot about how great Debbie Allen is, but since I imprinted early on her (FAME!), I’m actually fine with lots of hagiographic Debbie Allen love. She’s pretty darn amazing.

Plans for today:

– finish and submit this design
– message my UIC students with plans for the final week (which is mostly, keep writing your final papers and stories, so simple this week)
– write a Wild Cards essay (due today)
– apply for a UIC small seed grant (due today)
– make some chocolates and candles to finish off the Patreon treat boxes (would like to ship them in the next few days, at least the 1st tier boxes)
– post recipe for blood orange & jaggery shortbread
– post process for ‘how to curry anything’
– catch up on at least an hour’s worth of e-mail for writing business and SLF
– finish cleaning mudroom
– bring up boxes for outdoor Christmas decor (today is cold, but tomorrow will be warmer)
– finish reading a Martha Wells novel 🙂

– maybe really start reaching out to academics re: Portolan Project?


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