Giving Tuesday

Hey, folks, it’s Giving Tuesday. I will try to do a proper SLF-related post soon (we’d love for you to become members!), but for the moment, let me remind you that there’s just 8 days left on our podcast Kickstarter! Eep.

We’ve raised close to $500, but have $1000 left to raise in the next 8 days, and Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding — if we don’t make the full amount by the deadline, we get nothing.

If you’re at all interested in throwing a dollar or two at a project designed to help provide free creative writing and lit education, WORLDWIDE, please check it out here:…/slf-podcast-mohanraj-and…

The podcast also offers quite a lot of Ben and me talking about various aspects of culture, society, race, gender, parenting, and more — as an example of that, here’s our first full episode. Or actually, probably 2 or 3 episodes — when Ben and I record, we tend to record for a long, long time. That’s why we need an editor. 🙂

At this early point, we were still not quite sure what the podcast would become, and we were recording in May, so still very much shaken by the pandemic and trying to make sense of it all.

As it evolved, we started including more writing craft instruction, lit discussion, editor expertise, author interviews, so there’s all of that plus a lot more coming. Assuming we actually manage to fund this Kickstarter (fingers crossed)!

If it’s easier for you to donate directly through Facebook than Kickstarter, we’d certainly still appreciate the support!

(And if you can like / share / comment on this post to increase visibility (Facebook algorithms, bah), it’d be greatly appreciated!)

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