Delighted to note that while we still have contracts to finalize, etc., it looks like Riverdale Avenue Books will be bringing out the print edition of Jump Space in 2021. Constellation Press will edit the book and do the digital edition. (Yes, this is unusual, but it means I get to have Jed Hartman edit the book, which makes me happy.)

This is all a relief; I really didn’t want to indie publish it if I didn’t have to. I’m looking forward to working with both Riverdale and Constellation on this project!

For those who missed the earlier posts, this is the novella, “The Stars Change,” along with about a half dozen reprinted short stories, and 2-4 original short stories, in my Jump Space universe. All linked together, so while I wouldn’t call it a novel, it’s not really a short story collection either. A mosaic, is what Alice Munro calls this kind of thing. (Bodies in Motion was similar in structure; it seems to be my natural mode.)

Sri Lankans in space. Lots of aliens. Interstellar war looming. Fun times. 🙂

(illustrations below by Jack Kotz, for the original _The Stars Change_ edition)

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