Pleased to note that Riverdale Avenue (which took over Circlet Press, our original publisher) has kindly agreed to let us include _The Stars Change_ in the _Jump Space_ volume that Constellation Press will be putting out.

(I think we actually have some plan to release it both with and without TSC , for people who already own _The Stars Change_, but the details are TBD.)

I’m really pleased about this, because of the short stories, one is a very direct sequel to TSC, and another is sort of a prequel, and the book will just make more sense if they’re all in there together. TSC is a novella of 40,000 words, so that would be surrounded by about 40,000 words of interwoven short fiction, making one beautiful, coherent, book-length work.

Best of all, I’ve already written almost all of it. 🙂

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