Jump Space

While I’m announcing things, I think I may not have announced that I’m thrilled that Jed Hartman’s Constellation Press will be bringing out a collection of my Jump Space stories next year. Working title: “Jump Space”, because titling is hard.

I admit, it does feel a little odd announcing it as a publication, given that I’ve been dating Jed for 20+ years. 🙂 But he has a very critical eye, which is why he did such an amazing job as senior fiction editor at Strange Horizons for so many years, and already, as we discuss the order of the reprints, and what new stories I’ll be writing for this, I feel tremendously relieved that he’ll be editing this book. He’s going to make it beautiful, and much better than I could have made it on my own. All hail excellent editors.

Constellation Press only does digital editions, so I’ll be shopping the book around to small presses who do print when I have the chance. If I don’t find a publisher there, we’ll bring it out ourselves at Serendib Press. But regardless, I’m super happy about it all.

The road to writing and publishing a novel in this universe has been a slow and bumpy one, interrupted by cancer and a pandemic. But I think this story collection will be a coherent and solid project, and I’ll be very glad to have it out in the world.

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