The Poplin, Satin, and Chiffon

This was interesting — I wanted to see how my fabric printed on different fabrics that Spoonflower offers, so I tried three — the cotton poplin (instead of the petal signature cotton that I usually use), the satin, and the chiffon. I admit, I can’t really tell the difference between the petal and poplin cottons — maybe there’s a tiny bit more drape to the poplin? They’re very close, though.

The chiffon is fun — I’m not sure what one does with chiffon other than scarves and saris. This pattern would make a pretty dramatic sari. 🙂 But a scarf might be fun — I need to figure out if I can make one out of just a fat quarter of fabric.

The satin is much brighter than I expected — the colors come out so saturated and rich! I’m also not sure what I’d do with a satin, but Emmanuel Henderson suggested it’d be good for a robe, which I can actually see, for someone who really loves autumn. Maybe with the pattern in a smaller-scale repeat?

Something to play with. I still need to tweak the pattern a little to make it omnidirectional, and also so the pumpkins don’t just make a big block; hoping to get that done this weekend.

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