I think I’ve managed to create an omnidirectional version of the Autumn Logophile pattern. Pleasing. 🙂 I’m going to try a smaller version of it too — I thought somehow that customers could resize Spoonflower patterns, but I think they can’t, so if I want a smaller scale version available, I have to resize (and proof the new version) for them.

(I also have to figure out HOW to resize it — I think I have to do that in Procreate and upload the new version, rather than just doing it on the Spoonflower site, but I’m not positive.)

Tea towels of this print will be available in my Serendib Kitchen shop as soon as Stephanie Bailey has a chance to set that up, but if you’re looking for just fabric, wallpaper, or any of these items sewn up for you, you should be able to order them from Spoonflower in about a week or so.

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