Vote Madhurimah!

Petition signatures needed! In local political news, I want to note that I’m really pleased that Madhurima Chakraborty is running for our library board. I may have coaxed her into running, since I’m finishing up my 4-year term in April, and I hope to leave our libraries in good hands. She’s smart, thoughtful, perceptive, progressive (maybe a teensy bit leftward of me, which is great).

Since she’s an English professor at Columbia College for her day job, Madhurima is well used to negotiating with fractious and very individualist professors to get things done, and I think she’s going to be a tremendous voice on our library board, pushing the conversation forward. She’s lived in Oak Park for several years with her husband, Kris Stokes, and their young son. Their Diwali parties are the best.

Vote Madhurimah! (pronounced MUD’-who-rim-aaah) 🙂

I have a petition signature sheet for her at my house, and we do need a few more signatures to get her on the ballot, so Oak Parkers, if you’re able to stop by here in the next few days to sign, I’d love to arrange a time for a socially-distanced signature — I can put a pen and the signature sheet out on a table on the porch for when you’re coming by. I’m working at home, so my schedule is very flexible. I’m at 332 Wisconsin (Marion turns into Wisconsin as it goes south), so two blocks east of Harlem, near Washington. Please comment or PM if you’d like to sign.

While I’m here, I guess I’ll also note that I may be running for one of our school boards, and if so, I’ll be collecting signatures for that for myself. Kevin and I are talking about it, and I’m trying to assess time commitment elements, but will try to make a decision in the next few days.

If you’re interested in running for local office and want to learn more, please let me know — I’m happy to share information on that. Petitions for candidacy need their signatures collected and turned in by Dec 14, so there isn’t a ton of time. I think the Village and Library have enough candidates already; I’m not sure of the situation with the Township and Park District.

D97 (elementary and middle) and D200 (high school, shared with River Forest), will have 3 and 4 seats to fill, respectively, in this election.

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