A Gazillion Tea Towels

My ironing board has been buried in the flood of fabric that came with the fat quarter sale. It arrives nice and neat, but I wash and dry and iron them before sewing them and sending them out. I now have gazillion tea towels for sale. Okay, not gazillion. Maybe 5 on hand of each pattern? I need to count. But still, very satisfying. 🙂

These will be part of the higher-level Patreon packages, and also available for individual sale. Funfun. I don’t think I have a clear artistic style yet — these are all very different. But I tell my writing students not to worry too much about their ‘voice,’ that that will develop with practice — I think that must be equally true for visual art.

Watching the new patisserie episode of GBBO and ironing tea towels actually sounds quite a good plan for the next hour. I had some trouble sleeping last night, so not quite awake enough for computer work yet…

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