Sewing and Cheesy Movies

Took it very easy this morning after the weekend’s intense writing marathon for Wild Cards, and just lay on the couch and watched yet another Christmas movie. So far, the one about the hardworking girl who wants to be a doctor but meets a Danish prince undercover was surprisingly better written then I expected (The Prince & Me).

One was worse, and I’ve blanked out the title, but it involved two sisters who run a flower shop together. You can skip that one; the dialogue was painful — and cramming two romances into the movie made for almost no character development. The others were basically as expected (A Hometown Holiday, A Very Country Christmas, A Princess for Christmas).

City = bad, country / small town = good is a very reliable storyline for such things. Throw in a country music singer, and you get some lovely extra music along with.

All of these were fine, slightly mindless company for sewing, and helped me get out this big mask order last week. Sew satisfying. 🙂 I really do find sewing soothing, now that I’m finally past the beginner stage where my thread is constantly tangling, etc. The slicing of the rotary cutter through the fabric is a tactile pleasure, and the hum of the machine running a long straight seam…

Plus, you can produce things so fast! Compared to knitting and crocheting (which I also enjoy), sewing just can’t be beat for speed of completing things. I do love ticking things off a list…

Oh, hey, I never mentioned that Stephanie Bailey has added gift cards to the Serendib shop. So if you’re starting your holiday gifting and looking to shop small, consider a gift card! Honestly, those are particularly nice for me, because there isn’t the pressure to do lots of production and get it in the mail before Christmas shipping deadlines. UIC has a nice long winter break, so I should have lots of sewing and spice-roasting time in late December / January. With cheesy movies.

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