A Bit Blurry

Hm. Someone who bought one of our tea towels from Spoonflower said their towel arrived with blurry numbers. I wasn’t sure if they’d gotten a misprint, because I didn’t have one on hand. But another I’d ordered came yesterday, and looking at it, they do seem a bit blurry, depending on how close you are to the fabric.

I went and poked around in the Spoonflower groups, and it looks like this is a function of the linen-cotton fabric; the weave is just open enough that the tiny numbers can’t be super-crisp. I don’t think there’s anything I can do with that design-wise; there isn’t space to fit everything if I make the numbers bigger.

I think I’m just going to add a note on Spoonflower, which hopefully buyers will read before purchasing, so they know what they’re getting. I still like these, personally, but it’s good to know this is a potential issue, should I ever design a calendar tea towel there again.

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