A Drive-by Potluck Thanksgiving

We usually host Friendsgiving for 15-20 people. This year, not so much. I keep thinking about doing a drive-by potluck Thanksgiving. Where we all do various dishes, then run around to other porches to pick up / drop off, then gather on a Zoom call to eat and play board games. I can’t quite decide if I have the energy to organize it.

Alternatively, I know a lot of local families are hurting right now with lost jobs, etc., and maybe Thanksgiving is going to be hard for them to manage.

I kind of want to do an ‘adopt a neighbor family’ where I just cook what I was going to cook for the four of us, but double the portion, and set it out for some other family to pick up. I dunno. Again, maybe hard to organize, not sure if anyone would take me up on it, etc.

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