A Better Show

See my one, single, dahlia that bloomed this year! I think it’s fair to blame the pandemic — May was so harried and tumultuous, June, ditto, that I planted my dahlias at least a month late, which clearly, they do not like. (Also tomatoes, which is why I got cherry tomatoes but not much else, and have kazillion green tomatoes. I’m thinking green tomato sorbet next.)

But today is the last gorgeously warm day, so it’s a great time to go steal ten minutes out of the workday to go and dig up the dahlias. I’ll cut the tubers off the stems, dust them off, and store them in the basement in boxes with shredded paper.

If I’m a little more organized next year, then in early April (setting a calendar reminder now), I’ll start them indoors, planted in pots; I did that once before, and it definitely gave them a nice head start, creating bigger plants with more blooms than usual.

I am determined to get a better show out of them in 2021!

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