Still Hopeful

By 10:30, it had become clear that we weren’t going to have an answer tonight, but I was still too wound up to go to bed. I ended up watching a few episodes of The Great Pottery Throwdown. It’s on HBO Max, and if you’re stressed right now, it’s totally worth signing up for the free trial and binging all three seasons, because it’s so soothing.

While I watched, I puttered. I cleaned my kitchen, including bits I don’t usually clean. I scrubbed things. And when the kitchen was gleaming, I pulled out the candle making supplies, and spent an hour making candles in the middle of the night.

I guess that’s what I needed. I was raised Catholic, and though I left the church a long time ago, I’ve always loved the tradition of lighting church candles, sending prayers up to the heavens, to whomever might be listening.

That’s what we could all use right now. A little light.

If you missed it, go back a post in my timeline and read the Heather Cox Richardson post — we all need to understand the history that let to this electoral college situation. It’s just a couple paragraphs, and I think many folks will find it illuminating. She’s a treasure.

As for the next four years, it’ll be another day or two before we have our answer, I think.

Good night, folks. Take heart. Give them time to count the votes.

I’m still hopeful.


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