Stress Eating

Just made a huge bowl of popcorn with ranch seasoning. For no reason. I didn’t even want it, it turned out — I had a few bites and was done. Luckily, the kids will finish it. Gah.

Brain: I’m craving salty and sweet and maybe a few stiff drinks.

Body: We don’t even WANT any of that junk, you know we’ll feel sick afterwards, we’re getting older now…

Brain: SHUT UP it’s HOURS still until the polls close and we start getting results and did you see that we have a decent chance of taking back the Senate oh my GOD how can we NOT stuff ourselves with popcorn and leftover Halloween candy?

I am MAKING myself eat something decent tonight. Comfort food: chicken curry + uppuma + Roshani’s pol sambol that she just dropped off.

How’s your stress eating / drinking going, my peeps?

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