Friday Chill Days

This semester, Fridays are my chill day. Aside from attending the 3 p.m. department colloquium via Zoom, I try not to schedule anything else. The last two weeks were a little frenzied between my wrist injury and mid-semester grading, but the pace has gone back to normal, thankfully, and I can spend today puttering on whatever I feel like.

The house needs straightening up, so that’ll be part of it (with a fair bit of wrangling the kids to do stuff), and there’s always laundry it seems, but I’m hoping to make good progress on mask orders too. I’ve told Stephanie to adjust our Shopify page to indicate we’re down to a 3-week wait time, which will be a vast improvement over the 2+ months it was at one point! But that does depend on my finishing off a host of masks this weekend. Should be pretty feasible.

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