Poetry Kitchen Towels Should Be a Thing

I realized poetry kitchen towels aren’t really a thing, but maybe they should be, because I love the way this one came out. 🙂

I’m particularly pleased that my layout worked well, so that it still looks nice while hung folded, over a dishwasher or stove handle. Many kitchen towels don’t design for that, I think, and it always frustrates me when I’m buying for my own kitchen.

Interestingly, I realized that if I purchase 4 at a time and print them on a yard of fabric (4 fit perfectly on one yard) and sew them up myself, I actually can afford to offer them for sale, which I didn’t think was going to be feasible with the higher cost of print-on-demand.

I mean, they’re still going to be on the pricey side for kitchen towels, but maybe if you think of them as handmade and unique kitchen art, $18 each (plus shipping) is not totally unreasonable? They’re printed on linen-cotton canvas, so nice and sturdy; I’d expect them to hold up for a long time.

We can offer them for a bit less, too, if they’re add-ons to book orders, maybe $15 each? We’re going to discuss pricing, etc. at the Serendib Press meeting tomorrow afternoon, but if you were one of the people excited about maybe buying a kitchen towel to go with your cookbook (either Feast now, or the pre-order of Vegan Serendib in the future), it’d help me to know which kitchen towel you were specifically interested in? No commitment necessary right now, just surveying.

These are the current options, with a pumpkin curry one in development (probably will be up by the weekend), so six options total: https://www.spoonflower.com/…/447658-tea-towels-by-mary…

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