A Bright Spot

I had a rough night — got up around 5 in too much pain to sleep, went to get more ibuprofen and re-wrap my wrist in ace bandage, but wrapping it myself, was hard not to jostle it some, and every movement like that causes stabby pain.

I actually passed out, which was dramatic. Never done that before; I’ve heard of passing out from pain, but where cancer didn’t get me, apparently, a strained wrist can. I’ll be having Kev re-wrap my bandage from now on.

Wrist got worse over the course of yesterday; today, I’m going to try not using left hand at all. Typing one-handed is very slow. If it’s not better tomorrow, I’ll be calling my doctor to get it checked out. I still think its a sprain, but could be a micro-fracture.

I do want to take a moment to say I’m thrilled that Publisher’s Weekly has included Feast in its holiday gift guide! Very bright spot in a sea of unpleasantness.


“Mohanraj, a literature professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, introduces readers to the comforting cuisine of Sri Lanka in this illuminating collection of more than 100 recipes. Waves of immigration from China, England, the Netherlands, and Portugal influenced the unique cuisine of Sri Lanka, Mohanraj writes, as evidenced by such dishes as Chinese rolls (a take on classic egg rolls in the form of stuffed crepes that are breaded and fried) and fish cutlets (a culinary cousin of Dutch bitterballen fried croquettes). Given Sri Lanka’s proximity to India, curry figures heavily. Throughout, Mohanraj does a superb job of combining easily sourced ingredients with clear, instructive guidance and menu recommendations for all manner of events, including a Royal Feast for over 200 people. This is a terrific survey of an overlooked cuisine.”

I hope this injury doesn’t slow down the release of Vegan Serendib, which I’d really wanted to have out in time for Christmas — the internet tells me it can take 2-10 weeks (!) to heal a wrist injury. Maybe I can get Kevin and Kavi to do all my test-cooking for me…

Okay, let’s see how long it takes me to grade mid-term quizzes left-handed…and maybe I need to look into what’s available these days for speech-to-text.

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