Finishing the Knit Dragonheart Soaps

Finished the knit dragonheart soaps for the December treat boxes. Very satisfying — one item ticked off the list. I suppose it’s possible that 50 more people will sign up for treat boxes, in which case I’ll make more. But at least I’ve made the ones for those who are already signed up. 🙂 Note that we now have deluxe and premium boxes as options. Details in this link.

Also satisfying — I was struggling with figuring out how to manage my packaging materials. I have a fair bit of them right now, and I had them in a big plastic bin. Those are fine for storage, but I need tissue paper and stickers and such every day or two, as I ship out masks and books, and I really didn’t want a big plastic bin sitting out in my dining room.

This ended up a good solution — two containers from Target, one fabric, one wire. I don’t mind having these sitting out — they’re on a sideboard right now, but they’d also fit nicely on a bookshelf.

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