Bearded Ones Are Easy

I’m going to wait on the Siberian iris digging until Kevin can help, because they’re apparently difficult to dig. But bearded ones are so easy, I really can do it with just one hand, it turns out. And a foot on the spade! Dug up and divided this one, replanted 3 in the parkway, giving away 10 in the neighborhood garden club group . Another $100 of plants to give away, very satisfying. 🙂

I’ll have more of this one next year, because I have it in two spots — the other one isn’t quite as overgrown, so I think I’ll wait ’til next year to divide it.

Okay, back to grading. It turns out that most of my 114 students were never taught how to do paper outlines, as only something like 3 out of 15 did it correctly, including concrete topic sentences rather than just vague, “I think I’m going to talk about this…” Sigh.

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