A Little More Under Control?

I’m starting to feel like things are a little more under control? A little? Maybe? I have almost no time for writing still, because there’s SO MUCH teaching work remote, but I’m not as horribly behind as I was a few weeks ago, so that’s good.

I’d slacked off on exercising, which is always a sign that I’m a little overwhelmed; a few days ago, I started working out more regularly again, so that’s good. I do need to do it earlier in the day, though, because when I work out at 10 p.m., it messes with my sleep. If I do it by 6 or 7, I’m usually okay, and in fact, generally sleep like a log.

I’m a little tired this morning from restless sleep, and having a hard time settling down to work, but I did manage to divide some more irises. My exercise these days is a combination of gardening + walking (either on treadmill or Pokemon walks in the neighborhood) + VR.

Last night, I did ten minutes of Beat Saber, a 20 minute Supernatural medium intensity workout (which got sweat dripping off my nose, so pretty good), and 10 minutes of playing Until You fall. And then a tiny Pokemon walk because I had 100 steps left to make it to 10K for the day, so I just went up to the park and hit a couple Pokestops.

I know it’s an illusion, but when I’m doing Supernatural, popping balloons at speed with my baseball bats in intricate patterns that demand a lot of concentration, but are also kind of fun, in a beautiful vast landscape, with the fans going like a gentle breeze , I can *almost* forget I’m still in my basement.

Jed asked me yesterday if I was still using and enjoying Supernatural, and definitely yes. It’s a monthly charge, but a lot less than my gym membership was. (Of course, we’re actually still paying the gym membership at the moment, because we want to support our local Y, but putting that aside for the moment…)

So far today, though, all I’ve managed is a bit of gardening. It’s really tremendously satisfying — I’ve now given away something like $400 worth of irises in the past few days. I don’t have room for them in my garden, and it makes me really happy to think they’re going to spread around town.

When I finish with the iris divisions, I’m going to try giving away coleus cuttings, I think. I’ve never overwintered coleus before, but everyone says it’s easy. I figure I’ll take a few clippings for myself, to try to keep alive in the basement grow area, and give away the rest in rubber-banded ziplocks with water. That should work, right? It’s stunningly beautiful here right now (I’m working in a tank top on the porch, and Friday is supposed to have a high close to 80), but frost is also right around the corner, so I think that should happen sometime in the next few weeks.

Do you think I can do the same with sedum? I don’t need more for myself of the varieties I have, but I have some big bushy ones, like Autumn Joy, also some creeping sedums. If I clip them and put them in ziplocks with water, can I give them away for others to root?

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