Tasveer South Asian Literary Festival

I was excited to attend Tasveer literary festival in Seattle, but they’ve had to go virtual this year. The plus side to that is that it’ll be much easier for all of you to attend, especially since it’s free!

I’ll be on a panel about South Asians writing SF/F, which is going to be super fun, and the other panels look terrific too!

The festival runs from Oct 20 – 25; my panel is Saturday the 24th, 12 – 1:30 Pacific time.

“Speculative fiction – a broad category that includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more – has long been a space for writers to imagine alternatives to our world and our circumstances, whether in outer space, magical realms, or right here on Earth. TSAL, in partnership with the Plurality University Network, is thrilled to host a conversation with Mary Anne Mohanraj, Mimi Mondal, Salik Shah, and Iona Datt Sharma about what those new worlds and futures look like in their writing and work.”

Registration (free) and full schedule here: https://tasveer.org/tsal

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