Leveled Up

Hey, I’m kind of excited. My tea towel proofs arrived, and they actually look GREAT. There’s one stray bit of red on the Tamil vowel one, so I need to edit that out and re-upload, and I want to ask Kavi if she thinks I should make one other edit on the teapot one, but they actually look kind of surprisingly professional.

I could totally imagine buying these in a cute little neighborhood shop. I feel like I’ve leveled up a little in design skills (with a lot of help from Kavi, who also drew the actual teapots).

Once the edits are finalized, I’ll make the tea towels available for sale on Spoonflower, in a few weeks or so. It’s $15 if you buy the fat quarter and sew the hem yourself, $19 to buy it already professionally finished and ready to use or gift. 🙂

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