Until You Fall

Tried a new VR game, Until You Fall. Just got a few levels in, about 20 minutes, and so far, I like it. Only complaint is that my wrists were a little sore after 20 minutes, but that’s probably because I was being a little too frantic in my movements. 🙂

You play a fantasy adventurer, fighting off bad guys, and it really isn’t much more complicated than that, but there’s nice graphics, it walks you step by step through practicing blocking, dashing, etc., and I didn’t feel overwhelmed by my lack of skill, which is sometimes a problem with fighting games. So far, recommended; we’ll see if I keep playing it.

Got a little sweaty, so it counts as exercise too, but interestingly, they also offer a sit-on-the-couch option, if you want a less energetic approach.

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