The Grey Lady on the Porch

The Halloween decorating is coming along, bit by bit. I managed to completely freak out both kids (separately) with the grey lady who appeared on the porch. (Her eyes glow white, which you can’t see right now). Very satisfying, as they’re now old enough that it’s hard to spook them like that. 🙂 I’ve been wanting a figure like her for our old Victorian house for ten years; I finally splurged and picked it up. (Thank you to Jed and Kevin for indulging me…)

I’ve given up on foam tombstones — if any locals would like some, I have a few tall ones and several small ones, with some stakes as well (but not enough for all, so you’ll likely have to supplement with some sharp sticks). Free to a good home, ideally one that has a more sheltered spot than my front garden, where they blew over constantly. Anyone?

I’m really liking the weeping willow-style orange chandelier lights — so much so, that I’m going to get a second set to hang in the tree. My previous Halloween lights are purple, and I hesitated for a moment to add orange, but what the heck. Purple and orange is suddenly rather cheery, but cheery spooky works too.

(Lady, chandelier lights, raven/Death mossy tombstone, and the hooded guy with the lantern from Grandin Road.)

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