Sprinkled with Cayenne

This is mostly just notes for myself on what bulbs I’m planting in the front garden this fall. Everything gets sprinkled with cayenne (pictured), and then rabbit repellent (stinky, needs to be reapplied after rain), and mostly that way, they survive the animal depredations.

– allium caeruleum (a small, pale blue allium)
– iris reticulate “Eye Catcher” (dwarf irises that bloom with the spring ephemerals)
– fritillaria persica (the one I planted last year was so dramatic, I’m adding three in the parkway to stun the neighbors as they walk by)
– a few more big alliums to fill out the white and purple puffball moment
– erynthronium, new to my garden, should give little pink blooms in shade under trees
– leucojum, summer snowflake, also new to my garden, should be white drooping blooms, blooming along with the tulips

– eight different varieties of tulips in shades of pink, red, purple and almost black

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