Cozy Snow Day

Cozy Snow Day” by Bianca Pozzi. This is a more traditional pattern than most fabrics I buy — I kind of figure that if you want traditional fabric, you’re probably going to just go to a fabric store and get something much less expensive than the Spoonflower options. But I do like the coziness of this one and the subdued palette, and the way she’s balanced a lot of different elements (of different shapes) in a pleasing composition.

Makes me think of curling up on the couch to watch cheesy Christmas movies about moving to a small town and discovering the true meaning of life, which, okay, I think is a problematic message in lots of ways, but sometimes I succumb to it for the length of a movie, especially if there’s a ruggedly handsome, yet struggling, small business owner involved.

This is the mask to wear with your pajamas and sweatshirt when you walk down the block to drop something in the mailbox. 🙂

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