Pokemon in the Pandemic

I had a very computer-heavy day today, and by 7 p.m. had only walked 4000 steps and was feeling super-restless, so I pulled out my phone and went for an evening Pokemon walk, something I haven’t done in a while, but used to do regularly, a year or so ago?

And it turns out that due to the pandemic, the Pokemon folks have really upped how many critters are around, so it’s super easy to catch lots and lots of them (I can even catch some from bed now, wacky), so I tried just walking out for 3000 steps (which took me to about Lake and Oak Park Ave., for locals), and then walking back (with a quick stop at Target on the way), and I hit 10,000 steps just as I was coming up to my front door.

Fun way to get my exercise, and the weather was great for walking, just a little cool, but comfortable in a long cotton dress, my hoodie, and light raincoat — and mask, of course. The mask actually kept my face nice and warm. Maybe people will be less mask resistant as the weather turns.

Also, I took down four different gyms (go, Team Blue!) on Lake Street on my way, smashed Team Rocket in combat 3 or 4 times, rescuing the poor Pokemon they held captive, found a few new critters for my Pokedex, and got to evolve a few too. Very pleasant 90 minutes or so. Maybe it’s time to start playing Pokemon regularly again. 🙂

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