Funny Moment this Morning

It’s chilly enough in the mornings now that when I’m planning to work in the shed, I go out early and turn the heater on, let it get a little toasty before I settle in. That also lets me check on the Little Free Pantry at the same time, see if anything needs topping up.

So anyway, I went out to the shed, started to walk in, and then a HUGE black creature came barreling out of the shed and disappeared into the underbrush. My heart jumped!

I’m glad I know what it was — there’s a big black cat that likes to come sneak around, and though Arya does a good job of defending his territory generally, sometimes Arya is sleeping, and black cat comes looking for food. Adrienne Guldin, I have a vague feeling maybe it’s yours?

But anyway, I guess it was warmer in the shed than outside, even before I put the heater on, and black kitty had made itself comfy. I think I’ll be a little more careful about closing and latching the shed doors going forward. 🙂

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